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About Us

CCRepairs provide services for a wide variety of cellphones and Computers. Our focus is to get you back in sync with your devices. Most of our service have less than 8 hours turn around time. Other time are extended depending on the whether are not there is a need to order replacement parts. Event then, we pride ourselves with getting the service you need in less time than our compeditors. Services can be curtail and slowed base on the Vendors/supplier delivery time. We also carry accessories for both computers and cellphones. Come visit us.

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Cellphones Repairs

Replace Broken Screens

Our Prices or Rates.

  • iPhones 7 screen $Call us
  • iPhones 7 pLus screen $Call us
  • iPhones 6 screen $Call us
  • iPhones 6s screen $Call us
  • iPhones 6 plus screen $Call us
  • iPhones 6s plus screen $Call us
  • iPhones 5s, 5c, and 5 screen $Call us
  • iPhones 4s|4 screen $Call us
  • Samsung s3 screen $Call us
  • Samsung s4 screen $Call us
  • Samsung s5 screen $Call us
  • Samsung s6 screen $Call us for price
  • Samsung s7 screen $Call us for price
  • Samsung Edge screen $Call us for price
  • Note 2 screen $Call us
  • Note 3 screen $Call us
  • Note 4 screen $Call us
  • Note 5 screen $Call us for price
  • Repairs HTC, Sony Etc...$Call for price
  • Charging port costs$Call us
  • Battery Replacement $Call us
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Computers and Tablets Repairs

Sell and Repairs

Our Prices and Rates.

  • iPad 2, 3, and 4 $Call us
  • iPad mini first-2nd  generation $Call us
  • Repairs ALL other Tablets $Call
  • Sell and repairs Laptops $Call us
  • Sell and repairs computers $Call us
  • Sell and repairs printers $Call us
  • Call us $ for Others devices
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Well sells accessories also

We carry accessories

  • Cellphones Cases $5~up
  • Phones and Computers adapters$Call us
  • Memory Cards$Call us
  • Head Sets, etc...$Call us
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Call Us at :(404) 838-6256